cannot receive email using mail() function in PHP. tried many things but nothing working

April 25, 2014 8.2k views
I am just making a very simple use of mail () function but it is also not working. the value of function is returning true. I can receive mail on my email if i upload this file to another server but when I use it on my droplet it don't works. my code is it is working on other website as I had tried it. but not working on digital ocean droplet so someone please help me our sorting this problem.
4 Answers

$mail_body="Dear sir,

if (mail ($to,$subject,$mail_body,$from))
echo 'mail delivered successfully';
echo 'problem delivering mail';
Have you set up postfix or some other MTA on the droplet?

Try installing sendmail. If you are on Ubuntu 'sudo apt-get install sendmail'

PHPMailer with a gmail account is more likely to work consistently though.
Or actually on centos yum install sendmail
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