Cannot resize from snapshot

January 1, 2014 2.3k views
Hi, I am trying to upgrade my server to 40gig storage. I took a snapshot as defined here: And created a new droplet. But when I try to restore from the snapshot of my 1st droplet, I cannot access the backup image. What I get is: Currently you do not have any snapshots for this droplet to restore from. How do I cross-access the snapshots?
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Are you trying to bring up the new droplet in a different DC? Then you need to mark the snapshot as globally accessible, should be somewhere in the "Images" page.
I guess it's the globe icon which says distribute to all regions. I clicked that. Now it says Initiated an image region transfer for the image. I guess it will be ok soon. Thank you
is it possible for DigitalOcean staff to resize the droplet if I accept the downtime? instead of this snapshot transfer method... I have a 15gig site which may take too long to distribute to global network. Btw, both my droplets are in AMS2 datacenter, would it make this faster?
Unfortunately we cannot resize the droplet for you. You can take a snapshot and keep the droplet running while you migrate the snapshot and deploy the droplet in a different datacenter.
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