Cannot Setup DigitalOcean Space with s3cmd

July 2, 2019 226 views
Storage Ubuntu 16.04

Hi There,

I have created a DigitalOcean Space and DigitalOcean Space API Keys by going through the tutorial.

I tested with CyberDuck where I am allowed to access to the DigitalOcean Space. However, when I use s3cmd on my droplets, I am not able to access the DigitalOcean Space.

I believe that the API Keys (Access Key and Secret Key) was written correctly, it is exactly the same when I configure into CyberDuck.

Below error show when I configure in s3cmd.
ERROR: Test failed: [SSL: CERTIFICATEVERIFYFAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)

Please help

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Hi there @lineardmsteam,

It looks like the issue you are encountering with s3cmd is that it cannot verify the legitimacy of the SSL certificate being used in the connection. The CLI provides a command flag that can be used to disable the SSL verification checks.

Try running your s3cmd command with --no-check-certificate and let me know how it goes!

- Matt.

  • Hi Matt,

    Thank! It looks like it had solved the problem when I include --no-check-certificate.

    I still don't know why it works after I include it.

    • Awesome, glad it works!

      The issue is likely that an SSL certificate somewhere along the way when accessing the space via s3cmd isn't in the set of certificates that s3cmd trusts are proper. This happens quite often with SSL certificates that are backed by newer certificate authorities.

      Hope that helps in explaining what's going on.
      - Matt.

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