Cannot upload, change or do anything with my FTP account

September 13, 2014 2.5k views


I followed this tutorial to create an FTP account so I could begin working with my server.

I created a user and I could login to the FTP account. But when I tried to change the default index.html with the Welcome to NGINX message to something else I got permission error.

I tried even to create a file and that did not work either.
Does anyone know what I have missed?

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The tutorial you mentioned using restricts users to their own home directories. Using that, you will not be able to edit files owned by root or the webserver.

Since your domain no longer seems to be showing the default Nginx welcome page, it looks like you figured out how to do it. There are a number of different ways to do so. One would be to log in to the server as the root users and adjust the document root for Nginx to be located in a directory that the ftp user can upload to.

by Justin Ellingwood
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  • Hi,

    Yes I uninstalled the VSFTPD and I created an SSH key instead which I found in this tutorial.

    I have managed to login using SFTP as root and I have also found other really good tutorials about how to create several domains in one Droplet.

    I have now learned how to create websites and move them to /var/www/ instead of using the default which is not recommended!

    You can see that I have managed to create 2 sites --> and in one Droplet.

    The next step for me now is to figure out how to enable 2 different SSL Certificates on both domains if that even is possible considering they are on the same IP Adress.

    Thank you for your help! It is really good to know when I am in real trouble that someone will answer! :)

    by Etel Sverdlov
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