Cant reach my site without www. Site is not available.

September 30, 2014 14.9k views

Hi there, today I’ve found this nasty surprise. I can’t access my site without using www.
I really can’t understand why.
I’m using DO server and DNS configuration is on another provider. I pointed the www to DO and it works fine but if I try to reach my site w/o www I get “site is not available”. Does anyone of you know how to fix it, please? Do I have to create an A record with @ pointing to DO server?

Thanks, KR, Chango.

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Hi! Yes, you will need to create another record for the “origin”, which is your domain name without the leading “www.”: it should be an A record with the name of “@” that points to your droplet’s IP address.

  • thank you for your answer. I did it but waht I have is a bit different.
    I’m hosting two domain on my server. One has DNS hosting on a different provider and the other one has DNS on DO. For the one on DO, I don’t have any issue but if I try to set the record A as you mentioned and as I did, it is a mess. Nothing works neither on the other domain then.
    So, I got over…

  • What are the actual domains? It’s hard to try to figure out what’s wrong without anything to look at.

  • Hi Kamaln7, domain are and both hosted on DO. First one has DNS on DO, second one on another provider pointing www to DO server.

  • It looks like is working properly. Can you post a screenshot of the DNS settings for

  • kamaln7, I think I’ve got what was wrong. I waiting while it’s propagating. Maybe it was just a my fault but I’ll let you know soon :)
    many thanks for your support.

  • It was just a matter of confusing between the two domain. I moved boths DNS to the same dns server and added the A record with @ pointing to the DO server IP. now it works.

    Many thanks.

You saved my life. Thanks a lot.

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