Cant reach my site without www. Site is not available.

Posted September 30, 2014 26.3k views

Hi there, today I’ve found this nasty surprise. I can’t access my site without using www.
I really can’t understand why.
I’m using DO server and DNS configuration is on another provider. I pointed the www to DO and it works fine but if I try to reach my site w/o www I get “site is not available”. Does anyone of you know how to fix it, please? Do I have to create an A record with @ pointing to DO server?

Thanks, KR, Chango.

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  • I was having issues with my website too, it didn’t work when I used the www, but worked without it. Example:

    If you add a Forwarding URL in your hosting service settings you could fix it.

    I got my domain from godaddy but I got my site hosted at CloudFlare which is linked with GroovePages, I simply went to and added a Forwarding URL on the “Page Rules” option.

    You can add a Forwarding URL on Godaddy but only if they are hosting your site too. Actually, you should try adding it on your domain registrar if it doesn’t work when you added on your hosting provider.

    If that doesn’t work you need to add an A Type on your DNS record too, write www on the Name field, on the 4vIP address enter the IP address of your hosting provider, if you can’t find it on your dashboard contact tech support and find out.

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Hi! Yes, you will need to create another record for the “origin”, which is your domain name without the leading “www.”: it should be an A record with the name of “@” that points to your droplet’s IP address.

  • thank you for your answer. I did it but waht I have is a bit different.
    I’m hosting two domain on my server. One has DNS hosting on a different provider and the other one has DNS on DO. For the one on DO, I don’t have any issue but if I try to set the record A as you mentioned and as I did, it is a mess. Nothing works neither on the other domain then.
    So, I got over…

  • What are the actual domains? It’s hard to try to figure out what’s wrong without anything to look at.

  • Hi Kamaln7, domain are and both hosted on DO. First one has DNS on DO, second one on another provider pointing www to DO server.

  • It looks like is working properly. Can you post a screenshot of the DNS settings for

  • kamaln7, I think I’ve got what was wrong. I waiting while it’s propagating. Maybe it was just a my fault but I’ll let you know soon :)
    many thanks for your support.

  • It was just a matter of confusing between the two domain. I moved boths DNS to the same dns server and added the A record with @ pointing to the DO server IP. now it works.

    Many thanks.

You saved my life. Thanks a lot.

thanks, guys this helps me too. :-)