cant ssh to my service in certain network

June 2, 2019 490 views
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I can ssh to my vps at home,but it did not work when I wanted to connect it through my lab computer.when I ssh by xshell it showed :
Socket error Event: 32 Error: 10053.
Connection closing…Socket close.
Connection closed by foreign host.

also by using shadowsock as a vpn,I could connect to the service when used the computer at home or phone in wifi condition.but fail to connect on my lab computer or phone in 4G network

1 Answer

It is possible that when you created your Droplet, you had an SSH key saved into your DO account (

These SSH keys are usually device specific, meaning that while the public key (~/.ssh/ is stored on your DO account, the private key is only on your computer at home. I assume the ‘lab’ computer is a class (shared) computer, which means you could put your private key on it (~/.ssh/id_rsa). Although you should probably give some thought to how secure the shared computer is first, as that key could provide direct access to your VPS.

  • This doesn’t seem to work. I tried a lot of methods, reset the droplets, regenerate the key, but still suggest Connection closed by x.x.x.x port 22

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