Cant work with the console - need urgent help

November 22, 2017 109 views
Control Panels Ubuntu

Hi, I really need some urgent help from the community. Unfortunately, DigitalOcean's support has been less than helpful.

I'm not a server person and have inherited a server on this platform from a client so not really sure where to start and my server administrator has been unable to resolve this at all today so i'm reaching out to the community in a desperate hope someone can help.

We can't seem to get the console to work at all. My client's site is off-line and we think that it's due to cron jobs that the site we inherited runs daily but without access to the console we can't deactivate them.

When we try to type in the console window we get jibberish as you can see in the screenshot linked below

Can anyone help with advice or some technical support?


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