Carry Forward Balance/Credit

March 17, 2015 1.6k views
Getting Started Billing DigitalOcean


Consider the following situation:
1) I put in an opening credit balance of $5 into my new digital ocean account via paypal, which is the amount for my preferred monthly plan
2) But over the course of next 1 month, I use up none of the credit. E.g. I do not create a droplet at all.

What will happen to my balance at the start of next billing cycle?
Will it be reset to nil ($5 being deducted as the minimum monthly fee payable), or shall it be carried forward?

In short, will I be theoretically able to keep on using the $5 initial balance indefinitely, provided and until I don’t spend anything (create a droplet)?

1 Answer

You are only charged for droplets you create on your account and then only at the hourly rate if your droplet exists for less than the full calendar month. Credit loaded onto your account through PayPal will remain on your account until you use it.

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