CentOS 6.5 Image missing man, nano, wget

January 16, 2014 18.5k views
The CentOS 6.5 image is missing bare essential packages such as: man nano wget These were install on 6.4.
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I guess there is some sort of issue you have, but you still can install each one of them as below:

for man, this may help: http://www.ehowstuff.com/how-to-install-man-command-on-linux-centos-6-2/

for nano, use this command to install it:* yum install nano

for wget, use this command to install it: * yum install wget

Good luck!!
I'm well aware you can install them, but these should be pre-installed in the base image.
Yah, well I'm not sure it is going to be removed by default to reduce the size when converted to an image or not...

I guess an image should be the same as the pre-installed, as you mentioned...

I hope DO staff can give a comment on this!!

@mshq20022001, thanks. I had the same problem. In my case, the following command worked (without the asterisk):

sudo yum install wget

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