Centos 6.7 installing error

April 4, 2016 6.1k views
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I can’t chose Centos 6.5 anymore and I am getting an error while trying to install Zpanel on my VPS server. I chose Centos 6.7 64bit but every time I am about to install it, it gives me an error:

Detected : CentOs 6.7 64
Sorry, this installer only supports the installation of ZPanel on CentOS 6.x.

I have tried like all of the tutorials on youtube, google.. I remember I had the same problem in the past but have no idea how I managed to fix it..

Anyone had the same time wasting problem and knows how to fix it??

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User answered their own question:
“If anyone have the same problem, instead of using

wget https://raw.github.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/CentOS-64/101_1.sh


for 64bit
wget -O installer-10-1-0-centos-64.sh.x https://github.com/zpanel/zpanelx/releases/download/10.1.0/installer-10-1-0-centos-64.sh.x

for 32bit
wget -O installer-10-1-0-centos-32.sh.x https://github.com/zpanel/zpanelx/releases/download/10.1.0/installer-10-1-0-centos-32.sh.x

  • luego que hace esto como haces para continuar la instalcion ¿? soy nuevo en lo de lo vps y tengo centos 6.9 tenia el mismo problema que mencionas

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