CENTOS and cloudlinux dropplet

Posted October 30, 2013 12.3k views
Has anyone tried to install cloudlinux on a DO dropplet? If yes how do you guys achieved that? Because we're facing the following issue here... we succesfully installed cloudlinux on a centos+cpanel environment, but when we reboot the server it doesn't boot with the cloudlinux kernel and it gets stuck. If we try to reboot the dropplet from DO control panel it boots back up to the default kernel.

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Unfortunately we currently do not support custom kernels so you will not be able to use Cloudlinux.
That's weird because I have CloudLinux running even after the reboot.
How CloudLinux is not the solution to headaches, it is very important to how to install it.
i installed centos 6.5 firs, then convert to cloudlinux , and install WHM/Cpanel

but it has some problem

even if the new cloudlinux kernel is installed, after you reboot, it doesn't start with cloulinux but still centos 6.5, therefore, i cannot use CageFs,,, but LVE manager seem working, but not sure if it is working properly

actully, i never get any problem on Cloudlinux for installing in dedicated server and VMware exsi servers,

but here in digitalOcean, i got a problem. and also why, do they have different kernel that i can change around?

i try to switch to different Kernel, but after that, it doesn't boot at all....

any idea?
We do not support custom kernels, therefore you cannot boot from a custom kernel such as cloudlinux.
Lol this sucks.

Why are you not support custom kernel or Cloudlinux?

No custom kernels? This is KVM - why are you blocking custom kernels?

An incredible oversight in my opinion. I’ll be moving elsewhere now and will be taking all 6 droplets with me.

This would have saved my entire Friday if I know then ahead of time. I never thought this would have even been as issue.

-1 Digital Ocean :(