centralized simple log server

March 17, 2017 1.5k views
Logging Ruby on Rails Debian Arch Linux

We have few processes which create logs, say P1, P2 and P3 process create debug-p1.log , debug-p2.log and debug-p3.log respectively.

As now, this processes are crashing the server as it is getting bigger and bigger, so we have 1 big server which send this processes into external server and allow it to complete into that server i.e now P1 can either goes to in server-1 or server-2 or server-3.

As you see, we can’t rely the process execution location but we need its process log. We are thinking to have 1 centralized server which allow us to create and write/append the log. Also, that file is accessible to us from any server.

Any idea how can i ?

PS: As this seems to be most common thing, i prefer not to create just API-service which accepts filename and content.