Change 1&1 webspace destination. I don't recognize it.

June 29, 2016 2.2k views
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I set my dns settings in my 1&1 account to point to digital ocean servers. I set up the domain name in digitalocean and can ssh into the droplet just fine. But i have no clue where the website files need to be stored. Right now 1&1 says my webspace destination is
/kunden/homepages/{lots of numbers}/htdocs.

K, what the heck where is that? I can’t change that I can only change the directories after that like /htdcos/newNode/etc.

Any idea how to find out where it’s pointing?

1 Answer

1&1 and digitalocean and 2 very different type of host.
With 1&1, everything is shared and pre-installed on your server.
But with digitalocean, you setup the server like you want.
So to be able to host a website like on 1&1, you first need to install a webserver (apache, nginx or other), and then you will be able to upload your files

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