Change DNS records using DO control panel

April 22, 2015 3.6k views
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I have two droplets at DO and i need to add dns text record for one of the droplets
.The problem is if i add a DNS record in one droplet it will automaticaly create the same DNS record in other droplet. I am using DO control panel here.
To solve the problem i have to either create two different accounts in DO and keep only one droplet in one account.
is there any other way to change DNS records here without effecting the dns records of other droplet.
I am using centos with virtualmin/webmin .
.I really dont know how to create DNS records using BIND in webmin.



1 Answer

DNS records are not tied to a droplet but to the domain you have added to the DNS system. The option to select a droplet just creates the initial A record pointing to that droplet's IP. You would then need to add additional A or CNAME records to point other subdomains of that domain to your other droplets. Step 3 in this tutorial outlines this process.

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