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As it is possible to resize, is there a way to change a server's location ?

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One can move a droplet to another region with the following procedure:

Log into the droplet as root, and execute the command "poweroff".

Log into our control panel.

Click Droplets.

Select the droplet to move.

Highlight the Snapshots tab.

Highlight the Take A Snapshot tab.

Enter a distinct snapshot name.

Click Take Snapshot.

This may take a while depending on the complexity of your file system.

Once the snapshot finishes, click "Images" on the left navigation.

Beside your new snapshot, click the globe to make the snapshot available in all regions.

Click the green Create button top left.

Enter hostname. It is ok if this exists elsewhere. Ex: ""

Select Size, and region.

Under Select Images, highlight "My Images" and select the snapshot.

Recommended: Enable VirtIO (a checkmark indicates it is enabled).

Click the green Create Droplet button

After it creates, make sure it boots, and that the IP address is pingable.

Change your DNS settings, turn off the old droplet in the control panel, and test the new one. If all is well, delete the old droplet.

If you have any questions, let us know!

DigitalOcean Support Team
Unfortunately it's not possible to transfer an IP address across datacenters.
You can make a snapshot and then launch a new droplet on another region based on the existing snapshot.
What about the amount of the cost to do the operation?
@dagomnet3: It won't cost you anything. :]
Thank you, i was looking for this :)
And is it posible to keep the old IP address in the new droplet?

I just have a problem, I want to move my snapshot to Singapore-1 region, but when I create Droplet, I can't select the Image, I check the snapshot at Image Section, it's still tranferring... Why so long?
I am also having the same problems as andriaripratama mentioned. any solutions?
Please open up a support ticket if you can't transfer an image to another region.
  • Have transferred from Singapore to UK but have run into problem, will be opening a support ticket.

    Enable VirtIO ..............this didn’t seem to be available to me or at least I couldn’t see it.

    "Beside your new snapshot, click the globe to make the snapshot available in all regions."

    Users need to be made aware especially beginners like me that this is not instantaneous and can take several minutes. I dunno maybe your servers are running slow today.

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