Change SSH login address root[at]lalalala

Posted October 29, 2017 3.5k views

Currently when I login to SSH the name is root@my-initial-droplet-name, how to change it to root@new-droplet-name?


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3 answers

Add a new user, with sudo permissions

  1. copy your current root@ ssh key pair some place safe.
  2. generate a new key par for your non-root user with ssh-keygen - (keep it to a different place to your root keys).
  3. create another user on your droplet call him mrwww.
  4. You’ll need a way for your new user to become root. sudo or doas are god for this.
    • as root grant your new user access with echo 'mrwww ALL=(ALL) ALL' >> /etc/sudoers
  5. copy the .pub from the new key pair into ~mrwww/.ssh/authorized_keys, and chmod 0400 it.
  6. test your key will let you in with
    • ssh -i /path/to/new-id_rsa mrwww@yourdroplet
  7. test that you can do stuff as root
    • sudo touch /tmp/what
    • ls -l /tmp/what # this should show the file created by root.

Hi, thanks for answering, but it seems your guide is to create new user, what I want is changing the name after @ on SSH command line, from root@my-initial-droplet-name to root@new-droplet-name.

Changing droplet name doesn’t change this SSH address. I already deleted the login detail on my winscp and recreate it, but doesn’t change anything either. Thanks