changed kernel, and rebooted my instance, did I lose my data?

December 21, 2015 1k views
Ubuntu Backups

I’m very new to running things on linux or any kind of server management in general. I had my website up on a DO droplet for a while now and noticed it started returning 502 responses. So after some digging on Google, for some reason I decided to change the kernel in the settings. Then I did a Power Cycle reboot then restarted via DO console. Then I found out that downgrading kernel from Ubuntu 14.04 to a lower version might cause problems. Everything I did above was in a state of panic and now I’m quite lost. Is my data intact, or did I make a huge screwup

1 Answer

It is extremely unlikely that a change to your kernel would cause any damage to the files on your droplet. You should be able to switch it back and boot into it. If not, I would recommend contacting our support team. They can set your droplet to boot to our recovery ISO, from there you will be able to access your files and better access the problem.

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