Changed my URL from my IP address to my domain name and now the site can't be reached.

July 19, 2018 742 views

I am using and my IP address kept appearing in my URL bar. I googled how to change it to my actual website name ( and I made that change in my admin dashboard. After I did that, when I go to visit the site it says this site cannot be reached. I sent DigitalOcean and email and they told me something about Apache, but I have no idea what that is.

Note: Prior to changing my URL from IP address to my website name, I could type in my actual website name in my URL and it would go to my website, but change my name from the actual name to my IP address.

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Actually this shouldn’t relate to the Apache configuration. Instead, it seems that there is no DNS record for There is an entry for, just not for www. What you might do is add a CNAME to your DNS record that points “www” to “” in the zone. Here is some documentation on how to use our DNS interface:

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  • Ok I did that and it let me go to the site once, but now it isn’t loading again. What else could be wrong?

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