Changed name server but still showing files from old host.

May 27, 2016 15.6k views

I recently changed the name server for my domain “” to Digitalocean and also added domain name to my droplet but still site shows files uploaded to old host.

P.S:even domain opens from my droplet Ip address.

Please help me to know where problem is.

3 Answers

Did you remove the old domain from the old host? Also keep in mind that it can take up to a day or two for some domain hosts to update. More details would help.

check from pingdom test. see you see the new files from there or not.

I am facing the same problem with my domain

What to do?

  • Hi there @harshal,

    When I look up your domain name, it is pointing to a DO droplet, it looks like you aren’t serving any web content currently though. This is likely the reason why your domain isn’t working as expected.

    - Matt.

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