Changing from one-click app to distribution

October 12, 2016 1.9k views
WordPress One-Click Install Apps


My co-worker has created a droplet using the one-click app setup for Wordpress. This apparently doesn’t require changing the domain server in our domain registrar (GoDaddy). However, I now want to install a new Wordpress site in the same droplet. I’m wondering if it’s possible to do it so since we’ve used the one-click install Wordpress.

This tutorial teaches how to install multiple Wordpress sites in a single droplet, but it assumes the droplet is a distribution: . Still, can I follow this tutorial without any problem?

1 Answer

There is no difference between One-Click App and Droplet you setup manually. In both cases you get fully functional Droplet (VPS), which you can change it whatever way you want.

If you want to add one more site to your existing Droplet,
I recommend you to check out WordPress Multisite. It’ll allow you to use your existing installation to create more sites on same server.
You can learn more about it and how to do it in WordPress Multisite docs.

You can also install another WordPress in another location, create new database for it, but I think above way could be better.

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