Check Freenom site is securely mine in my droplet, nobody can steal it off me!

Posted December 13, 2020 665 views

Hi, I have registered a new domain name at freenom.nom. I set the nameservers at Freenom to, ns2, ns3.. correctly. Then in my Digital Ocean account, I added this domain and created new A records for and directing this domain to my droplet IP address. Now my domain works and it runs the beginner app I have in my droplet, that’s fine.

But I just wanted to check is this domain securely mine now? I.e. is it that once I add this domain in my digital ocean account, nobody else using another digital ocean account can just add my domain name? I realise now that you should probably first add a new domain and A records to Digital Ocean droplet, then point the name servers to Digital Ocean. If I first change the nameservers in Freenom to Digital Ocean, at that point in time, anyone with a Digital Ocean account who knows my new domain name can just take it for themselves. But now I guess I have ‘taken’ it, and so nobody else can. Is there any step I missed here? I don’t know enough I think about how A records work or what they signify, thanks any nuggets of wisdom on this!

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If you have added the domain to your DigitalOcean account under Network > Domains successfully then you are completely in control of the domain.

For future domains, it’s definitely better to have the DNS configured on the service you plan on pointing the WHOIS to, if only for the fact that any requests for that domain in the interim will fail and failed DNS results can be cached for up to a day which can be annoying.

Any other concerns about domain security should be directed to customer service.

Hope this helps!

  • Hi @Baraboom, thanks for the help, though after testing, I’m not sure this is entirely correct. For example, I added the domain to my digital ocean account and created the A records, I cant attach jpeg here I think, but it shows clearly just like my actual domains, in the Domains list in my project page: 2A / 3NS / 1 SOA. This domain can still be bought on, and no doubt many other places too. So adding a domain to my account under domains does not seem to put it under my control. If I was to buy this domain, then within my freenom.nom account, I could point the nameservers to and ns2.. and ns3… This is what I have done with my current freenom.nom domain. But I am still not clear if this would be safely under my control then? I can set a glue record within freenom.nom also, but not much else, not sure if that is relevant to securing control of the domain? Thanks kindly anyway!

    • Sorry for the confusion I caused - I was only referring to domains that you had already registered, like your original post indicated.

      When you set your domain’s WHOIS record to use DO’s name servers, you do not need to set any kind of glue records.

      Hope this helps and good luck!