CHMOD values are strange when I upload via FTP (vsftpd).

April 24, 2014 3k views
Hi all. I've enabled vsftpd and can now connect to my /home folder without a problem. I can delete, add and modify files. My problem is, that the default CHMOD values for new files is -rw------- So nginx cannot read the files (unless I chmod it to 0644. But I can't do that for every files, it's insane. Any idea why this is happening? At first, I thought it had to do with the umask, but it's set properly to 022. Help!
3 Answers
Solved my own issue, :)

in vsftpd.conf, I've uncommented the line:


And it works. But let me know if it's incorrect to do so.

Why don't you do "chmod -R 644 folder"? This will do every file in that folder
Because if a user then uploads something, he needs to chmod every time.
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