Choosing an SSL certificate supplier

November 5, 2014 6.5k views

I need to set up a secure https site, and am currently using a self-signed certificate, which obviously brings up warnings.

I’m now finding it really hard to locate the most appropriate SSL certificate supplier.

I just need something very basic, but most importantly seamless for users so accepted in all modern browsers - there seem to be a bewildering array of options and prices… any guidance would be welcome, before The end of this week!

Does DigitalOcean recommend anyone?

  • If it’s a non-commercial site (you’re not selling anything), just get a free certificate from StartSSL.

  • Yes it’s a non-commercial site. I used StartSSL but then read that their certificates aren’t always trusted so bring up warnings in some browsers?

  • StartSSL is not accepted by All Modern Browsers. Firefox for example does not trust any of the free StartSSL certificates. Neither does Android. I don’t know about IOS… That is why I stopped using StartSSL. A Comodo PositiveSSL is worth every penny. If you can’t afford less than $10 a year to keep your site secure, then you have larger problems to worry about. That’s my two cents anyway.

    Even cheaper pricing:

  • I’ve used StartSSL many times without any problems. The browser errors could be because of incorrect settings, especially lack of issuer chain.

    Do an SSL Test and find out what’s wrong first.

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If you are looking for a low cost solution you cant go wrong with a Comodo PositiveSSL. I have become a loyal NameCheap customer. Love the 24/7 support, and prices are very reasonable on all their services. A PositiveSSL will run you $9 (or less for multi-year) with NameCheap. I have seen them as low as $6 or so through wholesale providers.

  • If you didn’t know, Comodo is a very widely accepted Certificate Authority. I have never had a Comodo certificate give me any problems, regardless of the browser or platform.

Still trying with StartSSL. Dunno if I’m missing something, but I just can’t get past the first step. My post to the StartSSL forum here got no replies, and… I’m already running too late on this project. Any further help appreciated.

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Hi, switchoff,
If you want to secure only one website. I would suggest you go with Comodo Positive SSL, Read More here you can get this certificate at just $4.95/yr. As per my research, Comodo is a well known Certificate Authority in the SSL industry and offers the most trusted certificate for all types of online business. PositiveSSL comes with various benefits like fast issuance, 256-bit encryption & 2048-bit key length, 99.9% browser support, mobile and tablet device compatibility, unlimited server license with unlimited re-issuance during certificate lifespan.

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