Choosing which language to code in, for project using DO API?

March 10, 2016 2k views
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Hi, I am planning to create a web app which allows users to create game servers from the web and monitor them through the app. I am experienced in scripting for servers so I wanted to automate the process for myself and make it into the app if others find it useful.

Anyway I was going to write it in PHP using the DO API, but I am unsure of whether this would be inefficient. I then thought I could use PHP to execute shell scripts using curl to connect to the API. I have not seen much documentation on using PHP to execute scripts so I'm assuming it isn't very secure.

I would like the system to be fast and be able to code extra functionality into. So I am wondering whether I should look into a different approach, maybe in Go, Ruby, Python , Node, Java, Perl etc or another strong backend language.

If you need any more info, please ask.

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We provide official libraries for Ruby and Go but there are great third party libraries for many languages including PHP. Since your API client is simply making HTTPS requests and parsing the json results the language you use to implement it is not hugely important. All modern languages are pretty good at handling this type of use case.

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