Chromebook/Droplet Dev Env Best Practices?

October 17, 2017 1.3k views

Looking for best practices/lessons learned around using a droplet to host all dev work. I've googled, but nothing is quite what I am looking for...

I'm using a chromebook and want to combine it with a docker droplet to provide a full dev environment. I want a setup script that will startup a droplet, configure the tools, clone the repo, and provide the engineer with a fully configured environment.

Chromebook Config
"secure shell"
small subset of dev tools (zsh, git, vim, golang, openssh)
doctl (for droplet mgmt actions)


  1. clone repo onto docker-droplet, access repo from docker images (i.e. golang:latest or similar)
  2. mount a remote dir (on chromebook?) that contains git repo, work on droplet
  3. create a docker data volume that contains the repo, use with tools docker image

My preferred approach is option 1, but I can't figure out how to clone without private ssh key access in the droplet.

Any thoughts, pointers, or experiences are appreciated.

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