Clarification on Cross Project Service Availabilty

Posted November 1, 2019 1.5k views
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Hi there,

I remember reading in documentation that DO offered private networking across services in a single account or team, but I’d like clarification of my understanding before I dive in with DO.

My thought is that “projects” living under my main account would be able to share resources interchangeably: I.e. I could have a project that holds all database, cache, and shared utilities and allow other projects focused on individual apps to access those resources via private networking.

Is this thought correct? It seemed in the documentation the hard split was between teams/accounts as a team is essentially a shell/shared account. If so, the DO really has stolen me from AWS/Google and made my life easier, and more organized.



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I think you’re understanding correctly.

Everything in your individual account shares a single private network. Within that account, you can use projects to group your resources arbitrarily (although not all resources interact with projects). How you organize them into projects won’t affect the private network.

Teams provide a much deeper separation, and each team has its own private network. They’re made for collaboration, but they can also be used more simply. For example, they’re a good way for a consultant to segregate multiple clients. If you create a team per client, then all the resources for the client would share a private network, separate from other teams or the individual account. Within the teams, the resources could be group into projects arbitrarily.