Clone droplet to another datacenter

January 31, 2013 11k views
Is is possible to clone a droplet from one datacenter to another?
2 Answers
You can create snapshot of your droplet in region A and then spin up a new instance in region B by specifying the snapshot you just created. Snapshots are available globally so you should be able to use it to clone droplets cross region. At least that is what I did in my setup. However, I am still new to Digital Ocean so there might be some other ways to do so.

Here is the article from Digital Ocean talking about Snapshots and Backups and a quote from this article about what I just mentioned:

"a snapshot taken of a New York based server can then be spun up on an Amsterdam droplet"

Hope it helps.
by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial provides an explanation for how backup and snapshots work on DigitalOcean. Additionally, it includes information on how to scale, backup, and clone out servers with snapshots.
Also-- if you're transferring a server between regions, be sure to set it to global on the images page, so it's available in all datacenters :)
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