Cloned Droplet Rewrite Not Working

April 19, 2019 274 views
Linux Basics Apache Ubuntu 18.04

So I have a perfectly working site that uses a couple of subdomains. I am upgrading to a new version of the site, so I saved a snapshot, and made a new droplet from that snapshot. I updated the DNS records, reinstalled the certificate, I replaced the IP in the config files, I restarted apache, and then for good measure restarted the droplet. Also pulled my code.

The problem is that the redirects aren’t working. My home page just shows the apache welcome page. The site uses subdomains and I verified all of that configuration copied over. I literally went through every step from when I created the droplet from scratch originally, traced through it, and verified it. Yet all I get is the apache welcome page when I visit a subdomain.

I am kind of frustrated because searching hasn’t yielded anything thus far. Is there a common gotcha that I am missing here?

2 Answers

Sorry, by redirects I mean virtual hosts. I can’t figure out how to edit the OP.

For anyone that comes across this, I had go to /etc/apache2/sites-avilable and copy the redirect virtual host entires for port 80 into the normal site config files, then restart apache.

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