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Posted May 22, 2020 639 views

Hi there.

I would like to create an automated website hosting service on digital ocean.
I do not want to use WHCMS, but using digital ocean API. My concern is about the droplet limit.

I was planning to take one small droplet to host a website. I saw there is a droplet limit. So how can I serve the service if I have more customers?

Does the digital ocean remove the limit if I give a reason?

I wonder how Cloudways does work without any droplet limit!

Thank you.

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Hi there @rahulna,

You could install unlimited number of applications/websites on your Droplets, the limit comes in terms of your server resources like CPU, RAM, and storage.

Actually CloudWays have the exact same resources limits as well.

What you could do is start with a smaller Droplet and upgrade it as your needs grow. And if you reach a certain limit.

Hope that this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Thanks @bobbyiliev for your reply.
    I am actually talking about the droplet limit. Now there is a limit of 10. I would like to provide a $5 or $10 droplet to my customers. And I think DO can raise the limit if it reaches 10. But what happens if my customer reaches 100 or 1000? Does the digital ocean still be able to raise the limit if I request?

    Also, the limit needs to be raised before it reaches a limit so that I can provide my service without any interruption. Is this possible?

    I was planning about allocating the server and I got stuck with this question.

    Thank you.

    • Hi there @rahulna,

      Ah I see, thank you for your clarification! I thought that you were referring only to the Dropler resources and not the number of Droplets.

      You can request a Droplet limit increase via your DigitalOcean Control panel. Then go to ‘Settings’ -> 'Profile’ -> And hit the 'Increase’ button.

      After you’ve submitted the form, it will then be passed on to DigitalOcean’s support team for review.

      Hope that this helps!

Hello, @rahulna

If you want to increase your droplet limit you’ll need to follow these steps:

First, access your account and navigate to your account page.

Once there, you’ll want to click the Increase link to open the form to increase your account’s current limit.if you’re having a limit of 25 the option to increase the limit to 50 should work instantly and the limit will be increased to 50 droplets.

If you require a higher limit, then fill out the form and after you’ve submitted the form, it will then be passed on to DigitalOcean’s support team for review.

Hope that this helps!