cloud server for Open source home automation "home assistant"

October 20, 2019 290 views
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I am looking to develop a droplet to run ubuntu / linux as cloud server for Open source home automation “home assistant”. This kind of application can be used normally or not.

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Hi there @quasarnegro ,

This probably isn’t the best thing to do. HomeAssistant was made to control your home automation devices....This means that it will need to control your devices locally at your home.
If you setup something in the cloud, it will be very hard to configure your network so the protocols HomeAssistant uses will be able to read your devices.

Best bet would be to buy a cheap Raspberry Pi and install it on there ;) I’ve setup a few of them like this.

Hope this helps you

  • Hello JustSome Tech. This setting would be for developing and testing a type backup application … for example if my Raspberry crashes, or goes down. Thank you answer.

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