CMS for Babysitting/Classifieds

April 5, 2016 2.4k views

I need some advice on which CMS to use for a new project I am starting. It will be a babysitting website that will have paid membership for both the babysitters and the people seeking babysitters. There will be onetime and subscription plans. I want the signup process to be as easy and quick as possible, to make it simpler and more appealing. I am thinking that I could retrofit a classifieds CMS to work for this, as long as it allows for paid memberships, as it seems like a fairly similar setup.

Thanks in advance!!

1 Answer

If your plan is to start from a CMS I would recommend WordPress simply because it has the largest commmunity and a vast array of plugins to start from. There are several membership and classified plugins available that can plug into most payment gateways and if you run into trouble it will be a lot easier to find assistance online than if you were using a less popular CMS.

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