im stuck with a particular issue here. i have posted it here before, but didnt had time to follow up. now im really stuck and need solution badly.

you see i have a ecommerce solution where each of my customer have their own site hosted on my subdomain. eg. site1.mysite.com, site2.mysite.com

now i want to have my customers own domain to CNAME with my sub-domain. eg. www.domain1.com will work as site1.mysite.com, www.domain2.com will work as site2.mysite.com

i tried with cludflare few things,
i added domain.com in cloudflare as CNAME
Name(domain.com) Value (site1.mysite.com)
it works actually, but when i type domain.com on browser, the url change to site1.mysite.com. is it possible to keep the url domain.com in browser something like url masking.

if its possible, please guide me a bit. if not possible in cloudflare, please suggest me how can i achieve that in alternative way.

thanks in advance.

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Hi @newbie

Nginx right? And which ecommerce system are you using?
Can you post your Nginx server block of site1.mysite.com/domain.com? Change the domains if you want privacy.

  • @hansen
    thanks for replying.

    here is my nginx server block

    if you want detail insight, please give me your email and ill give you original domain name.

    • @newbie

      Okay, you’re actually redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS, but by doing so, it’s actually redirecting any domain in the server_name to the first domain of the list.

      So it’s actually doing this:

          server_name ecommerce.mysite.com domain.com;
          return 301 https://ecommerce.mysite.com$request_uri;

      If you change around, it’s putting primary focus on domain.com instead:

          server_name domain.com ecommerce.mysite.com;
          return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri;

      And I’m not sure how you handle the include snippets/ssl-wildcard.conf; for two different domains, but that is in general tricky within the same server block.

      But the main question is actually; do you want to be able to use ecommerce.mysite.com at all or is the only focus actually domain.com?
      If you only want domain.com, then simply remove ecommerce.mysite.com and you’re done.