Cname record is not working

July 10, 2016 2.6k views
DNS Nginx Ubuntu

Hi guys

I have lemp stack installed on ubuntu 14.04

i have 2 domains

first one is working perfectly both with "www" and naked url

but for second domain

when i try to reach my website with "www" it shows me blank page

i reach to the website with "www" but cannot reach without "www"

looks like cname is not working

here is my cname record detail

how can i fix this?

what would be the problem?

1 Answer

@newcareertime - if you're using wordpress, then review your site's URL in the wp-config admin screen to make sure it is prefixed with 'www'. Otherwise, monitor your nginx logs (both error and access logs) to see which file it is trying to open when attempting to access your www site.

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