College Website needed to be made with custom plan as per our choice

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Hello Digital Ocean developers I am the administrator of my college website named which is currently written in ASP.NET. We are making a new website on PHP for our college. We would need to maintain a Database of nearly 3000-4000 users (students + faculties). Also we want different environment where we can use PHP + any other language like python or node.js We need a plan that could do the work for our site and I found your services better from my friend's opinion and Quora posts. But we need a custom plan we like your $5 plan and would like to use 20 GB SSD storage only. So can there be a manipulation for the Academic Institutions to take a customized plan. Also Our College make payment annually as I and my Mentor had a talk with Administrative Office and they told me they can not pay on monthly or 6 monthly basis they would pay annually. So please let me know can we get customized plan and pay for it annually

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If I understand you correctly, you don't need a customized plan, just a way to pay for a whole year in advance. Luckily, that's already an option. Just create an account, go to Billing -> Manage payments -> Top up your credit with as much as you need. The monthly invoice will then be withdrawn from your credit.

Please open up a support ticket so we can discuss this further.


Sorry to say, I don’t help you with this. Because I have no idea of this because my work is to write a song. So you can search that google thanks, Gustavo Woltmann

Hello, all

Choosing the right Droplet plan depends on your workload. An oversized Droplet would underuse its resources and cost more, but an undersized Droplet running at full CPU or memory would suffer from degraded performance or errors.

You can also resize a Droplet to a larger plan after creation, including resizing to a larger Droplet plan of a different kind. For example, you can resize from a Basic Droplet plan to a larger CPU-Optimized Droplet plan. See the Droplet pricing page for a full list of plans and prices.

You can always check our tutorial on Choosing the Right Droplet Plan

Hope that this helps!