College Website needed to be made with custom plan as per our choice

September 9, 2013 2.9k views
Hello Digital Ocean developers I am the administrator of my college website named which is currently written in ASP.NET. We are making a new website on PHP for our college. We would need to maintain a Database of nearly 3000-4000 users (students + faculties). Also we want different environment where we can use PHP + any other language like python or node.js We need a plan that could do the work for our site and I found your services better from my friend's opinion and Quora posts. But we need a custom plan we like your $5 plan and would like to use 20 GB SSD storage only. So can there be a manipulation for the Academic Institutions to take a customized plan. Also Our College make payment annually as I and my Mentor had a talk with Administrative Office and they told me they can not pay on monthly or 6 monthly basis they would pay annually. So please let me know can we get customized plan and pay for it annually
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If I understand you correctly, you don't need a customized plan, just a way to pay for a whole year in advance. Luckily, that's already an option. Just create an account, go to Billing -> Manage payments -> Top up your credit with as much as you need. The monthly invoice will then be withdrawn from your credit.

Please open up a support ticket so we can discuss this further.

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