Command line issues on all new Ubuntu 14.04 droplets

November 10, 2014 2k views

On all of my new Ubuntu 14.04 droplets, I am having pesky terminal issues when ssh'ing in to the droplets.

  1. cd - no longer tab completes, instead it justs adds a tab.
  2. can not backspace/ move the cursor back a few characters, instead gives “insert” behavior.
  3. Can not use the up arrow to show the previous command line entry.

This is happening when I ssh from …

  1. Windows terminal ( running Console2 from sourceforge )
  2. Using the out of the box terminal on ubuntu 14.04 installed natively on a differnet machine
  3. Using windows terminal ( same Console application ) from a different windows PC
  4. Running ssh from the windows git bash terminal , on a differnet machine.

(there are no shared bash profiles with the above)

Is this a new setting in the shell from the earlier bash shell vulnerability, or something else ?

To Reproduce,

  1. create a new ubnut 14.04 droplet
  2. attempt to ssh
  3. and try any of the above actions that listed.

Thanks for any help and advise!

1 Answer

Look like you are on /bin/sh shell, use the following command to find out which shell you are using
Check the CMD column, it should be showing sh

ps -p $$

To change default shell of a user, use the following command, relogin to take effect

sudo usermod -s <shell (/bin/bash)> <username>
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