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Is anyone interested in building more tools for DigitalOcean? So far I've read about two API wrappers written in PHP: Do others have projects they'd like to add to this thread? Please reply with your project link if you do so we can keep them in one place. I'm going to see what I can do to support other languages in the following order: Ruby Python Perl Java If you want to help, please reply to this thread.

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We would love to see other customers make some traction on this, and if you guys (and/or gals) need help from us to provide something in the way of collaboration, or making these projects more visible please let us know.
When I get to speed I might wanna contribute/create something for Zend Framework 1/2...
I can do something in Ruby
Hi Roland,

Would love to see something in ruby written up =] - a Python wrapper for DigitalOcean's API.
Work is in progress:

Awesome, btw guys, we are going to be completely rebuilding the community section soon and all of the projects that everyone creates will have a home there as well, so keep them coming!
It's nice to see such a big response! I'm looking forward to the expanded community area.

Here is a quick "recap" of where we stand in case people are looking to help:





That is impressive!

Who wants to tackle Java?
I've released a first version:

I still have a lot of questions/comments for you guys regarding the API design/documentation. Can I reach you via Mail?

Sure email us at "contact".

java api:
I wanted to experiment with DO and with creating Python packages so I put together my an API library and command line tool:

Feedback is appreciated.
Node.js API wrapper by me:
Awesome work guys we love seeing everyone building on top of the API.

We have some major rewrites coming soon starting with the Control Panel and then the Front-End website and there will also be some new sections added to the community.

One of them will most likely be projects though we are open to other suggestion on what to label this section and it will feature all of these wrappers, apps, and other projects that customers have created for the community.

This way the discussion around a particular tool can be done there and it will provide an easy way for new users to see what others have built.

Let us know what you think about this proposed idea!

Thanks =]

If you use Composer in PHP (if not, you should :)
I just made a library here:

This is really great work guys!, thanks so much for this!
I am looking if someone help me to develop digital ocean API for an educational project, Please contact me on
Hi! I've just pushed to GitHub a project called DO4J - DigitalOcean For Java. It's a library you can plug into your Java project and then get access to the entire DigitalOcean API in a full Java way of things.

Check out:

Contributions are welcome and will be of great help. It's just a kickoff but fully functional. There are lots of improvements that can be done, mostly on test classes and easing some features, like finding Sizes, etc but for now you can get full control over your resources at DigitalOcean.
I have started to develop docc (Digital Ocean Command Centre). This is a command line tool written in Python (linux only for now) that allows you to create, modify droplets via the command line. It also comes with an encapsulation of the API so it is easy to write your own Python scripts.

While this is a work in progress, you can find the latest version of the module at and the source code at
I have published the digitalocean-api-client [] library into Maven Central Repo. It's simple and easy to use.


Refer Readme at

Refer Test case for usage:

my bad at code snippet, please find maven dependency -

out of interest, what runs the Digital Ocean API backend ? I have never had anything to do with API designs but I am interested to know how the professionals do it !
@brantwinter: Our platform is written in RoR.
I wanted to highlight this python API:
Perl Command Line Interface for API Still adding more features
Hi guys,

I've actually created a perl module that works completely with the Digital Ocean API:
Just released 0.2 of python API for Digital Ocean:


I have written a simple php wrapper from scratch for the Digital Ocean API do anyone willing to help to take it to a product level in term of making a GUI control panel for it.

Read more about the idea on the following link:

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