Complicated DNS and Wordpress multisite question

November 29, 2018 280 views
WordPress DNS Ubuntu 18.04


I have a WP site that I have migrated to a dev droplet and have got it working. In my DNS settings for the droplet I have put in an “@” symbol and have pointed it to my droplet. I have pointed my domain name (, hosted with goDaddy to digital ocean NS servers

All is great

Now my second project is to move my other site, which is a multi-site WP installation to DO. All 4 sites as part of this multi-site WP installations domains are hosted with GoDaddy and can easily be pointed to DO

My main domain is for my multi-site WP site with 3 other domains set up as domain aliases, with my website hosting company TSO host.

How do I set up domain aliases in DO?

I have currently got
A directs to 172.34.1111.9000 (not real) 3600 ( this is for the single site)

So I need to add as a main domain and my other 3 as domain aliases as well as the other single main domain above. 2 sites, 1 running one domain and one running 4 domains. These all need pointing to my droplets IP

I understand that i need to set up virtual hosts for as I have with but I am not sure whether this needs any further virtual hosts file. I didn’t change any V-hosts config originally as it was shared hosting and my current site works in a multi-site configuration with only domain aliases


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