Concern over Increase and Decrease>Performance and Data Loss - Reg

July 30, 2019 126 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04

50GB Hard Disk
Ubuntu 16.04

If we had to increase the size at an occasion and decrease later after a particular operation. (For Eg. 8GB RAM to 16GB RAM and revert later)

Would it lead to performance issue or data loss. If that is the case, why should it be incurred rather than a way of benefiting the customer with a best or the cost-efficient plan.

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There might be a difference in the performance but this totally depends from your application, the traffic and the overall memory usage.

However from I know the downgrade of the disk space is not a straight forward process. You’ll have to rsync the data to a smaller droplet using.

What you can do is to deploy the droplet while considering any future needs for your application and etc. In this way you wont need to increase/downgrade the resources of the droplet itself.

You can find more information about the downgrade here -


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