Concerns regarding Hourly & Destroying a Droplet

January 10, 2016 1.4k views
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I have read through and understand how the hourly billing works. I understand that I need to take a snapshot of my droplet, then destroy it in order to consider the vps not in use so I do not get charged.

I am working through creating/designing a wordpress website and think this is an awesome feature. if I am only developing for a few hours a day I can restore my snapshot into a new droplet each day then once I am done I can destroy that droplet. This allows me to only get charged for the time I am developing.

Though I have some concerns. Is this wise do to? Destroying that droplet each day and restoring snapshot.

If I have a live wordpress site published, will this snapshot be an exact perfect image/clone? So if I restore each day will anything be lost or changed. Also will my IP address stay the same or anything else that is unique to my wordpress site, installations, database, etc?

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1 Answer

Snapshot is a disk image containing all your files. If you want the same IP, using floating IPs.

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