Configure Apache (on LAMP) to accept connections from CloudFlare only

April 23, 2015 3.1k views
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I was wondering if this would at all take care of attackers (viruses, injections & ddos etc) if I can configure to listen to requests through CloudFlare only?

If yes, then how can I configure apache to follow?


2 Answers

Yes you can, but is not apache who handles traffic filtering, you need a firewall or something like iptables.

here is the list of Cloudflares IP addresses:

There are plenty iptables tutorials online,


Thanks for your response!

I have added following rule in UFW:

ufw allow proto tcp from <cloudflare_ips> to any 80

Do you think this step could help curtail attacks on the server as the requests gets filtered through CF and other direct traffic gets blocked.

PS: I have only open ports 80 & 443. All other ports are blocked.

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