Configure Nginix with Apache

August 17, 2016 1.8k views
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I was wondering how I would go about running Nginix on the front end and Apache on the back end. I currently have my ubuntu 16.04 server set up with a LAMP stack and virtual hosts since my droplet has three websites on it. The main website is correctly set up with wordpress installed and all of that. Obviously currently it is only running Apache. Is there any way I can configure Nginix to run on the front end without having to to start from the beginning like outlined in this article ? Also in regards to my plugins such as cache enabler I would just have to add the rules etc?

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Hi, you might want to consider managing your server with ServerPilot which installs and configures Nginx as a reverse proxy in front of Apache. There’s a bit more info here:

You wouldn’t be able to use this for an existing server, though. It would have to be a new server.

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