Configure Send Mail (MX, TXT?)

August 7, 2013 7.3k views
Hi, I've read this document: and I've done everything as same. But now, I should, configure DNS options? this is my dns page: what should I do now? (for my sending mail not to go spam) Think that my IP address is : and please, tell me step by step to make perfect send mail. (I've tried to make it with gmail mx, but when I did this, my mails have gone to spam) I need your help and please, explain with an example
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edit: hmmm.

my server has 4 virtual servers. and one of them connected with ip address. and others, with domain.
for example when I connect the IP address www/main/ gets my screen.

when i type www/xxx/ directory gets to my screen.

and, when i type www/main/ directory opens again?
I think problem is this, but how can I solve this prob?
Try running this command:

echo test | mail -s "test"
. Do you receive the email?
yeah i received but it has gone to the "spam mail" box.
Take a look at the articles Pablo linked above. Setting up an SPF record should help prevent your emails from going straight to the spambox.
This is a slight digression but, it turns out that my problem was using my client's domain name for hostname. When I changed it to one of my proven personal domains, it worked great. I assume that they have an SPF or something. In any case, if your mail.log says the messages was accepted, try changing the hostname.
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