configure sub-domain to droplet (main domain hosted elsewhere)

October 12, 2014 1.6k views

I have a domain
I have a droplet named sensors and it has a ipAddr.
I have created a A record in the DNS management
ipAddr =>

It has been 24hrs and the DNS has not propagated or I am going wrong somewhere.
Should I make some changes in the server in some way?

2 Answers

It doesn’t look like the DNS record was set up properly – the issue isn’t with your Droplet. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS record in your nameservers’ DNS control panel?

I solved the Issue.
The DNS records on the Domain control panel doesn’t reflect to the server space.
May be that is because, the server handles the DNS records since the name servers for the domain point to that server(highly speculated)
I had to change it from the Simple DNS Zone Editor at the cpanel and it resolved in no time.

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