Configuring a domain name for nextcloud

March 23, 2018 3.5k views
DNS Docker

Hi guys, i would really appreciate some help here.
Just installed Nextcloud from docker and bought a domain name from namecheap
“” domains are added on and i can succesfully ping on them.

Record configuration:

type | hostname | value
————- | ————————————————
A | | directs to public ip
CNAME | | is an alias of
SRV | | directs to at port 8080

What i’m doing wrong?. because i cant access from neither of my domain names

1 Answer

DNS records can sometimes take a couple of hours to propagate. I’m able to ping and get your Droplet’s IP address. Is it working for you now? Were you able to find out what the issue was?

  • Yes, it turns out the configuration was fine.
    didn’t know DNS records took some time to work.
    thanks for the reply!

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