Configuring Apache Modsecurity with an auto-updated Comodo rule set soft

October 12, 2016 1.3k views
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We need a SHORT article aimed for newbies on how to integrate auto-updated Comodo rule set software with Apache Modsecurity.

I found the following article here on DO but I am having a few problems with it:

It doesn’t deal with Comodo or any common rule set.

It seems to me way too long and complicated for being just a simple primal configuration of MS.

About 18% of the article deals with “Optional rules”. This is not something for newbies.

Besides, the article has a whole chapter “Write your own rules”.

Come one now, we are just coming to it man, hence most of us don’t have the knowledge (or need) for writing our own rules.

I really think this article should be revised, shortened, and become more didactic.

1 Answer

Thanks for the feedback. The goal of this article was to create a general purpose starter that covers most common use cases rather than just a single one. Adding a guide that simplifies things and focuses on a single use case such as importing an existing ruleset would be a good addition.

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