Configuring Dovecot + Postfix + Roundcube

January 7, 2014 5.7k views
Hi there, I'm having serious problems configuring Roundcube to work in harmony with Dovecot and Postfix. I have set up an Archlinux x64 installation, running on nginx and wordpress. Everything works great, apart from mail - from Roundcube, I can *send* mail, but I cannot *receive* it. Very strange, because when I tried testing it using telnet and mutt, both of them could easily connect to Dovecot (POP and IMAP). I know that I'm just a teeny-bit off the track, and that Roundcube might begin to work any second. P.S. I *have* setup MX + A records in the DNS settings for the mail to work, and when I run the Roundcube installer, it says everything is OK, and when I test the configuration at the end of IMAP + SMTP, Roundcube reports that they're both OK... Hmm... Please help!!
1 Answer
Can you try to connect and send an email with another client such as thunderbird?
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