Configuring Droplet Hostname, /etc/hosts, /etc/hostname

January 22, 2015 3.2k views

I own

Droplet Hostname:

[/etc/hosts] localhost localhost.localdomain
[public IP xx.xx.xx.xx] lmt


A record 1: @ [public IP xx.xx.xx.xx]
CNAME record 1: *
CNAME record 2: www

Is the above setup correct?
Note: i DO NOT use the sub-domain [] at all in serving my website.

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so far no problem. i read many articles over the internet. so am confused.
some used, or lmt as host name
some set localhost localhost.localdomain
some set localhost
some only basic default localhost

for my added CNAME records, i am also not sure if it is necessary or added correctly (*wildcard, www).

in short, i am a tweakist, i just want my box to be setup correctly.

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