configuring ssl and protocols in loadbalancer from kubernetes

February 27, 2019 726 views
Kubernetes Load Balancing

I am trying to get my load balancer configured from kubernetes

I have been told that the way to do this is by using annotations

I am using helm to install my load balancer and nginx ingress: stable/nginx-ingress

The way to configure that is by using the values.yaml file

I have the following in my values.yaml:

    annotations: "https" "true" "cert-id-from-do-api"
    labels: {}
    clusterIP: ""

You can see that it has taken inside my k8s dashboard as it shows up in the annotations section for my load balancer

However, after waiting a fair amount of time the load balancer isn't updated in my DO dashboard.

Has anyone got this working?

1 Answer

Hey friend,

Great question! I'm not an expert on this particular subject but I wanted to get you an answer. This is what I received from Nicholas on our support team:

"Can they share their full manifest or maybe open a ticket if they don't want to do that on Community? They should only need to create a kind: Service with type: LoadBalancer, but nginx-ingress will do that automatically and update the LB based on whatever services they expose and the kind: Ingress they create."


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