Connect DO Private Network With AWS Private Network using VPC

August 30, 2016 3.4k views
Networking Ubuntu


Is it possible to connect a group of droplets in DO with a group of instances in AWS?

I'm trying to create a hybrid cloud between windows instances in AWS and Linux instances in DO.

I was thinking I could use something like a site-to-site VPN, with the VPC feature in AWS amazon. But don't know if DO supports it.


1 Answer

You could use the following tutorial to connect your virtual servers from AWS and Digital Ocean together in a private VPN:

by Mitchell Anicas
In this tutorial, we will go over how to use Tinc, an open source Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon, to create a secure VPN that your servers can communicate on as if they were on a local network. We will also demonstrate how to use Tinc to set up a secure tunnel into a private network. We will be using Ubuntu 14.04 servers, but the configurations can be adapted for use with any other OS.
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